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Why should you request us?

First Aid Station

The Montgomery County First Aid Unit, Explorer Post 742, provides first aid station services at events throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. The First Aid Unit will provide a crew consisting of three to seven trained volunteer personnel. Crew members are trained, as a minimum, in American Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR and first aid. At least one crew member will be trained in American Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder or higher.

Do you need to provide any equipment?

When requesting our services, understand that you donít need to provide any equipment other than a tent. We have our own equipment which we bring to every event we are present at because our equipment we are most familiar with. It is always greatly appreciated if a tent is provided. There are also a few basic neccesities that should be provided, they are:

Do you need to pay for our services?

The first aid station is provided by The Montgomery County First Aid Unit, Explorer Post 742 at no cost to the sponsoring organization and is manned by volunteers. However, in return, we ask that the organization publicize in their announcements that volunteer first aid coverage is being provided by The Montgomery County First Aid Unit, Explorer Post 742.

How to request our services at your next event

If you would like to request our services for your upcoming event, please review our policies first and then print and fill out the form below. Then please scan the form and email it back to us at

First Aid Unit Policies Request Form

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If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us via phone or email. You can call us at (301) 966-0020 or send us an email at